Kamis, 16 Agustus 2012

P.A.I.N !

1.  What is pain ? 
First love 
2.  What triggers pain ? 
3.  What can heal pain ? 
4.  What lengthens pain ? 
5. What is the initial sign of pain ? 
6. What is the primary defense mechanism of pain ? 
7.  What is the primary stressor of pain ? 
Theme song
8.  What is the history of pain ? 
Break up 
9.  How can you remove pain ? 
Let go 
10. How can you forget pain ? 
Move on 
11. Why do we experience pain ? 
Because we have a heart that loves

This is MV for Confusion
 High School Musical 2 - I Gotta Go My Own Way

This is just photo me when Confusion
xxxx LOL!

see! lova lota xxx

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