Kamis, 16 Agustus 2012

☮ P.E.A.C.E

i have a bunch of question about that.
googling, find on wikipedia, read the book many more.
i try to find "what is that?"

Peace symbol is a representation or object that symbolizes peace. 
Throughout history, some symbols have been used as a symbol of peace, the most famous is the dove, olive branch, and the nuclear disarmament symbol (☮). 
Other signs are also frequently used as a symbol of peace, among others, to form the V (V sign), which declared victory (the English word for "victory").

☮ symbol was originally used as a symbol of nuclear disarmament by the anti-war movement. Designed by Gerald Holtom on February 21, 1958, this symbol is a combination of the semaphore (flag signaling) for the letters N and D, which stands in English for "Nuclear Disarmament" or "nuclear disarmament". Semaphore for the letter N is two flags in an inverted V position, while the sign for the letter D is the vertical line formed by the two flags.

 "The real peace is not simply there is no suspense but the existence of justice. "

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